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Jul 2 / jonejoneweb

Can connect to internet but can’t connect router through

The most common three problems that one may experience are as follows:

1. The default IP address is not and in order to obtain the proper IP address, go to the manufacturer’s website and find it. Alternatively, you can also find the details within the documents that were provided to you at the time of the purchase. You may not be entering the correct IP for the router, Try

2. The router is at fault and the problem might lie with the hardware itself. If this is the problem then you will probably have to take it to the manufacturer for repairing or replacement.

3. There is an error in the configuration settings that you need to figure out and correct. You will find many step by step guides on how to troubleshoot your router’s configuration settings online.

Some routers uses another port to connect to the web interface, e.g. port 88.

Here is how you do a ipconfig /all and post it to this forum

Go to Start and the Run.

In Run type CMD and hit enter

In the black box type the following;

ipconfig /all >test.txt

type edit test.txt and edit will open up the file you just created

Under edit do a select all

Under edit to a copy

Come to here and select Paste to paste the contents into a post here for us to review.

Type the following command on your command prompt (cmd.exe), the gateway IP is your router’s LAN IP (use this IP to access your router management page).

Jul 1 / jonejoneweb is an IP address used as a default Internet Protocol address set by many manufacturers for routers at factory. The IP address belongs to the range of addresses earmarked for private use. As per Internet Assigned numbers authority to is a block of IP addresses designed for private use.

However, there can be problems outside the network. These problems can be described as collisions, and they occur when two devices that belong to the same network use only one IP address. These are the situations when most people experience network problems.

Sometimes it is even better not to spend your time and nerves on these things, especially if you do not know much about computers.However, you can do something to prevent problems. Keep in mind that only one device in your home or office network can use

If this IP address is opened then the webpage asks for the router.s user ID as well as password. Through this you can change the setting of the device including its routing behavior and its security aspects. Another great thing about IP addresses like is that they can be repeatedly used. This means that you can use over and over.

Through troubleshooting you can determine problems in the router set up and resolve the same. The limitation of this IP is that devices cannot be configured using the internet. In case you forget the password and are not able to retrieve it then you can opt for the reset button and after this you can use a different username as well as password combination.